7 Reasons Why You Should Learn Coding Skills

Dec 28 2018 | By Kingsley Ijomah
7 Reasons Why You Should Learn Coding Skills

Most people don't want to learn how to code because of fear that they are not clever enough, in reality, coding is a skill, and with any skill, you can learn it one step at a time.
But it is impossible to learn any skill without having a good reason
why you should, right? Let me share some of those good reasons for you.

1. Become free at last! a skill that opens more doors is what we all need.

This had to be my first reason in this list of reasons, it might sound weird but most of us are not free, and the sad part is that we are not only blind to that fact but we have come to accept it as a normal thing, it is very common to hear ourselves or others we know say some of these:

"I hate my job, I cannot stand this company, they have not given me a pay rise in years!, it is so boring it is killing me, thank God it is Friday, or gosh it is Monday already?, they will replace me if I complain, at least it pays the bills, I hate this industry but it is all I know"

 How about this for a disturbing fact, we spend over 90,000 hours working in our lifetime, if you spend that much time doing jobs you hate, do you think it will affect your personal life? my guess is a big YES, that is where you should draw the line, we have one life and you deserve to live it fully.

So how can learning a coding skill actually be any different? well with coding, what you gain is a skill that is in demand, every industry have some form of an IT department, you automatically have so many choices.

You are no longer stuck doing that one job you hate, with a high skill such as coding, you are finally free to move to your real dream job, in an industry you are passionate about!

If you are not sure what industry you want to work in, then try a few first, coding skills is in high demand after all.

2. Bring your own dreams to life, become the architect of your own passions.

Do you know, I have not found one single thing I enjoy doing that is better than working on my own dreams every single day.

Everything I love doing is usually part of my dream, one of my dreams is to help people create a better lifestyle by teaching them the skills that were taught to me, so I created CODEHANCE platform.

Using the coding skills I learned, I have built many other platforms which are out there in the world, because with coding skills, 

if you can think it, you can build it.

You can bring your own ideas into reality, whatever it is, this for me makes all the difference, we cannot all build a facebook size success but then again, success comes in all shapes and sizes, the best thing is you can finally do something about it with a coding skill.

3. A deep sense of achievement, you become very proud of what you do each day, life is so much more fun this way.

I remember when I built my first web app for the estate agents industry, and one day I went into one of the companies using my app in North London, the first thing I saw was all the computers with my app running and people actually clicking on buttons I created! that feeling is very hard to describe, I was super proud of what I created from my bedroom using a laptop.

With coding skills, you will be solving real problems that people and companies are having, we all need to have the feeling after a long day at work that we are achieving something right? that is what drives us to get up the next day and actually want to go to work on our passions.

The sense of achievements does not only come from solving real problems daily but in the process of solving those problems you are growing your skill set, doing a job where each day you are learning something new, means you are never bored but instead growing intellectually, so the more you code the better you become as a coder which gets you more earning power. 

When you think about it, is it not insane you are not coding already? hopefully, this will change shortly.

4. You are already plugged into tech. every day, why not get paid for it.

It is mind-blowing how much time we now spend on social media, it is how we connect with the world and our wider family, it is here to stay and I am not going to deny that.

My question is, if we are spending this much time on social media, why not spend some of that time learning how to become a contributor to that world that we are plugged into and get paid for it.

The next time you are on social media, imagine telling the world about something you are building/built, become more than a passive user and harness the power of becoming someone who can build things.

The great thing about learning coding skills is that you already have all you need to get started.

Not just the obvious things like a laptop or an internet connection, we all now have a very good knowledge of how to use lots of apps.

If you know what an app looks and feels like because you use several every day, learning how to build them becomes so much more familiar than you might imagine.

The fear that coding is an alien concept that only a few people in our society understand (geeks) is no longer a valid one, you know more than you give yourself credit.

Learning to code is a natural next step to what you already know from using apps every day. This is something you will be awesome at doing, everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear.

5. Be skilled at something that is in high demand, there is no guessing game about it, we do live in a digital age.

What exactly does digital age mean? it is very simple, we live in a world that uses technology to make our day to day jobs much easier,  this means that we are digitizing our entire process, if you doubt this, walk through your home and make a note of everything that has a microprocessors in it, some of them would be:

Washing machines, Microwave cookers, Dishwashers, Electric kettles, Fridges, DVD players, Remote control television, Hairdryers, Electric toothbrushes, Central heating systems, Burglar Alarm system.

So you could say that we have a lot of work cut out for us to do, this is only good news for you and me, the more work there are to do, the more demand there is for people with coding skills, that is what we have
right now.

learning to code is the fastest way to get you into a paying position, think of all the different industries out there who need coding skills:

the music industry, the medical industry, car industry, fashion, education, entertainment, transportation, aviation, housing and the list goes on and on... these industries are all part of the race to digitize their processes

they all need coding skills, those are lots of job vacancies/coding contracts with your name on them, learning to code really does put you at a huge advantage, a skill you simply cannot regret.

Imagine being part of a community where employers constantly headhunt you for positions, imagine having lots of emails from recruiters wanting to put you in contact with companies looking for your coding skills, if you can imagine that, then welcome to the world of coders, people with skills that are in high demand.

6. Become the master of your own time and Location Location Location!

I live in Berkshire England and I work as a remote contractor, in fact, I am writing this blog post from a small cafe in sunny Lisbon Portugal and a few days ago I was in Seville Spain.

Coding gives me the flexibility to pick up my laptop jump on a plane and go to any location and still get the work I need to do done.

This sort of flexible working is something people with coding skills enjoy, for me, it is one of the main reasons to learn to code.

The flexibility can also extend beyond just the location you choose to code from, it is also possible to have flexible working hours, where you can start early and finish early too.

This means you can have a richer day, soak in some of that lovely sunshine or just go for good sightseeing around a new city, which job can beat that!


7. Make a decent amount of money, the more you learn the more you earn.

Where you will be in 2 years time from now will be virtually unrecognizable from where you are now financially. it is that insane! 

I left the money talk to last because I want to stress that money does not make anyone happy and it is not the main reason to want to learn to code.

“Everything else in the top 6 on their own for me is enough to keep me in a happy place with work, being free means more to me that having cash, owning my time means more to me than having money and not having the time to enjoy it.”

However, money is part of the perks from coding and deserves to be mentioned, we need money to pay bills and plane tickets after all! So here are some money talks and coding skills for you:

The average coder's salary in London, for example in 2018, is between £67,500 - £82,500 according to CWJobs, this takes into account experience, but a random search for entry-level salary on the IndeedJobs platform is between £25,000 - £35,000 not bad at all right?

Then you also have contracting roles paying between 400per day to £650 per day. The fantastic thing about coding and salary is that the more you learn the more you earn.

Technology is constantly evolving, so when you learn a new technology, you can get a higher paying job as opposed to waiting to be promoted in the old fashion style.

Also you don't have to learn everything before you can make a start, learn enough to be useful to a company, start off as a junior developer, get yourself in the mindset of absorbing every knowledge from the senior and intermediate coders at your new workplace, and in no time you will be in the position to start earning higher pay.

In coding, there is also the option of contracting for those we are more business minded and want to be their own boss.

This is the route I have taken myself, with experience you can charge a day rate, this means you can arrange with a company to pay you a fixed amount per day and in exchange, you will code for them.

This, of course, comes with advantages and disadvantages and is something that you can consider once you have worked on your skills and reached a level of competence that allows you to go solo.

In summary 
Learning to code is a fantastic way to live a richer life! now does that mean that coders are the happiest people on earth? I won't say so, but we get pretty close to it if you ask me :)

If you really want to make a difference to your lifestyle for good, these 7 reasons to learn to code helped me decide to commit the necessary time to learn the skill, and it indeed changed my life!

I have dedicated enough time to create resources to help you as a beginners so you don't have to jump from place to place to figure out what you need to learn.

 I have given in these courses all the tips I found out along the way to save you from unnecessary research and instead focus more of your time in learning the coding skills.