Things Every Junior Developer Must Do To Grow

Dec 30 2018 | By Kingsley Ijomah
Things Every Junior Developer Must Do To Grow

I want to touch on a few things I believe would really help junior developers grow to intermediate/senior level over time, but time alone is not what it takes, there are actions every senior developer takes that all junior developers need to copy.

Understand Problems Before Seeking Help

Every problem you come across when coding is a real chance to grow as a developer, before asking for help be sure to do a couple of things first.

- Read the error message and make sure you understand it
- Read your project existing code to see if that issue is already solved somewhere else
- Check out your programming language documentation for more help
- See if the problem is already solved on Stackoverflow platform

When these are exhausted then you can ask a more experienced developer for help, chances are that you have already learned a lot by exploring your problems and you will impress your senior developer this way, he/she will be more happy to help you know you have tried some things first.

Pair Program With More Experienced Developers

Coding with a more experienced developer gives you an insight into how they think about problems, this is a fast way of learning, don't forget to ask questions to find out why they have done things the way they did it.

Every code we write comes from experience and research that has taken time to master, pair programming lets you fast track your learning by tapping into well-formed knowledge.
Work On Your Own Private Project Outside Of Work
This is a chance to mess around on your own code, this will force you to explore problems outside of the problems you face at work.

The more problems you encounter as a developer the faster you grow, a side project is a fast way of doing this, a must do for all junior developers who want to grow and move on to the next level.

Going To Meetups/Conferences For Coders

Meetups and conferences give you more exposure to what other coders are working on, it also gives you more mind power, now every time you are working on a project may be a side project you have more experienced programmers to your rescue. 

Join Coding Channels For Your Programming Language

This is another way of growing your list of experienced developers, especially if you work at companies where there are not many experienced developers, #slack app is a good one, it has channels for different languages and frameworks.

coding channels have programmers of all levels of knowledge and experience, on there you can find mentors and like-minded folks to learn from.

Help Other Developers On Stackoverflow

Helping others is a fast way of growing yourself, this is a good way of revising things you already know, and exploring problem domain means your brain is constantly exercising its problem-solving skills.

checkout the website #stackoverflow subscribe and help people who have problems you have solved yourself, even if you are a junior developer there is always someone you can help.

Reading Books To Get Deeper Understanding On Subjects

Books are not dead! programming books are key to unlocking deeper understanding when it comes to becoming a senior programmer.

While reading blog posts are great, you need to invest more time to read books that have depth, this is how you grow. Programming books with a deeper meaning, answer why we code the way we do, reading is a must for every coder.

In conclusion

These are just some of the ways to grow as a developer, just relying on time without having these sort of actions in between prevents your growth as a developer.

I hope you found this article helpful and I wish you all the best as you learn and share your knowledge with other coders in the community.