What is Bootstrap

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What is Bootstrap

Last edited: Jul 3 2019

What is Bootstrap?

 Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web, it is a free open-source framework for creating websites and web applications.

Learning bootstrap is the next logical step after learning HTML and CSS it allows you to use HTML, CSS and Javascript written by developers all over the world to quickly get your project off the ground.

Why should a beginner learn bootstrap?

You are being mentored

Think about it as being mentored by front-end developers with more experience than yourself, it is a chance to see who other developers organise and present their code and how they use HTML, CSS and Javascript.

When I first started using bootstrap I was surprised at how much I learnt just by reading other people's CSS code, I noticed the creativity that different developers used that I needed to learn in order to grow as a better coder.

Quick prototyping

The moment you have an idea, using bootstrap you can very quickly get the structure up and running with very little effort when it comes to coming up with the code, you can very easily use bootstraps example codes.

A typical example would be bootstrap navigation, every site requires navigation, coding them can be repetitive and time-consuming, using bootstraps navbar HTML and CSS makes this very easy, in a few seconds you have a beautiful navigation bar out of the box.

Build mobile first websites out of the box

We are now at a time in history when more people use their mobile phones as a way of viewing web pages than the traditional desktop computers, having a site that is mobile responsive it more important than ever.

Every site you build with bootstrap assumes your viewers will first be visiting your site from mobile devices so bootstrap automatically supports mobile responsiveness this saves you a ton of time, mobile responsiveness is something you don't want to write from scratch.

Who's Using Bootstrap?

Bootstrap can be used to build websites or web applications of any size, from a blog site to a business website, some organisations that use Bootstrap include Spotify, Twitter, FIFA, VOGUE and many more.