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Reasons Coding Is Perfect For You

Become free at last! a skill that opens more doors is what we all need.
How about this for a disturbing fact, we spend over 90,000 hours working in our lifetime, if you spend that much time doing jobs you hate, do you think it will affect your personal life? my guess is a big YES, coding creates more opportunities, the types of industries involved makes it easy to move to a better position and avoid that feeling of being stuck!
Bring your own dreams to life, become the architect of your own passions
Everything I love doing is usually part of my dream, one of my dreams is to help people create a better lifestyle by teaching them the skills that were taught to me, so I created CODEHANCE platform. You can bring your own dream project to life!
Be skilled at something which is in high demand
The music industry, the medical industry, car industry, fashion, education, entertainment, transportation, aviation, housing and the list goes on and on... these industries are all part of the race to digitize their processes, learning to code put you in front of many companies, this is the advantage of having a skill that is in demand.

Check out the courses I have created using the facebook button below

Join many others in learning a skill that matters.

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What Codehance Tribes Are Saying

Jenni Essien

Kingsley taught me so much that today I am the lead developer in my company. I am honoured to have been mentored by him. He is very passionate about software development and this shows in the quality and craftsmanship of every project I have known him to work on. What's more, he enjoys sharing this knowledge with people. Kudos, Kingsley. You're one in a mil!

Dayana Alonso

5 months ago I knew nothing about coding. Kingsley convinced me to take it one day at a time. I dared myself to believe. I was terrified at first, today I am coding my own blog. I am so excited about starting a new Job as a junior developer, this will change my life!

Jimmy Madon

Kingsley has always been my mentor who taught me the 'art' of writing quality code. He challenged my conventional ways of reading a programming book from cover to cover and taught me to learn smartly instead. I still seek his guidance at every big junction in my career.

Symbat Issabayeva

Kingsley taught me how to code, he is very passionate about teaching and he is extremely patient, I learnt how to use HTML and CSS for creating web pages, his style of teaching is very unique, I am very grateful to him and wish him all the best from the bottom of my heart.

Jordan Luce

With no IT background and within 3 months, Kingsley taught how to use HTML5, CSS3 and Ruby on Rails to create web apps. This has changed my life and allowed me to have a very well paid full-time job and a year later a beautiful house. His passion really shows and his courses are amazing.

Jenny Okpapi

Although I have a background in coding, I had become rusty and needed to refresh my skills. Kingsley was really encouraging and his passion for coding is evident. It was so helpful to learn from someone who is able to break the subject into easy-to-understand components. As we are living in the digital age, these skills are such an advantage and I’m really pleased.

Abdullah Aden

I started learning to code with Kingsley whilst I was working full-time, I did not like my job and wanted to start something else where I could progressively grow and have a higher earning potential, I few years down the line I am now a software contractor, learning to code is by far the best investment I ever made, I would recommend learning and being mentored by Kingsley.

Who Is Kingsley Ijomah?

My name is Kingsley Ijomah, founder of CODEHANCE, a software engineer, para rower in training for the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo and a traveller with a passion for exploring the world and a really content happy complete human being.

Just as I had mentors to guide me in becoming a software engineer, I decided to make it my quest to become a mentor for others, as of Jan 2019 I have taught just over 3,000 students on various platforms, my dream for CODEHANCE is to use it to make an impact in the life's of thousands and millions of people all around the world.

Teaching Coding

I was introduced to coding by two mentors who changed my life when I was only a teenager, it became my obsession to pass on that knowledge to the world, that is why I created CODEHANCE.

Journey To Tokyo Paralympics 2020

Rowing is by far the best sport in the world to me, it is the most difficult thing I have ever taken on, but for some weird reason the pleasure of rowing and competitions is just awesome!

Bag Packed & Off I Go!

Travelling and seeing the world is the best way for me to recharge everything! take my laptop and changing my office view is a big advantage to being a remote software developer.


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Join many others in learning a skill that matters.

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